I started mini wargaming what seem like an age ago which a friend of a friend brought an Ork to school. We went around to his house and found Rogue Trader and were hooked. Soon after 2nd Ed 40K was released and many Saturday battles between the three of us ensued.

The usual story follows where I discover beer and women, the former maybe a little too much, and the gaming was shelved. When time came to face up to the fact I was never going to be a rock star and I should stop drinking like one I found the need to fill my spare time with something, re-enter mini wargaming.

I went straight back to 40K as space and sc-fi has always been exciting to me which meant Space Wolves as those were the only surviving models I had. The love of 40K continued, I had played WFB as a kid, and I’ve tried it a few times since (which is another story), but 40K was the way for me. I’ll post up some photos of my shockingly bad Wolves sometime soon. Unfortunately my painting skills do not improve all that much.

After games at the local GW with a good group I realised that the hobby had grow from when I was a kid, a lot. There was a whole scene and it wasn’t such a taboo, although there will always be fun poked. I found there were events to go to where you could spend a entire weekend gaming, amazing.

After a while moving around gaming in different places I settled not far from my home town to marry my lovely wife. I started visiting a local gaming group with some of the guys from the GW store I has#d visited in the past. They had got over their fear of tournaments and were firmly on the WFB circuit. In the last few years the gaming group has grown from a WFB tournament players practice group into a place of leagues and campaigns of all natures and I have got myself onto the committee, currently as chairman.

While I have played 40K all this time and stil own two armies the shine has worn off, both stories for another post. I also enjoy the specialist games from GW which were always hard to find players for, and even more so now they have been pulled. But Blood Bowl still lives on in digital form, sometime we even manage a tabletop league at the club. My new hobby desire is Infinity, which has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the hobby.

That’s a brief hobby history, no doubt to be expended on if this blog continues very far.