As usual the hobby is always on my mind. Recently it has been how I can get the most from the hobby from a personal point of view, and as club Chairman there has been a lot of talk on what the hobby club should bring to the party.

I have always had a vivid imagination, frequently getting lost in my daydreams. I think this, along with a rather gloomy outlook, goes some way to explaining why I like 40K so much. The rich world in which it is set along with a bleak future where there is no clear ‘good guy’ really appeals to me. It also puts me a a disadvantage when actually playing a game, as I seem to find conflict in the way I think things should cinematically happen compared to the way the game mechanics play out. None the less I have enjoyed many years of game play including many an event, and while I have never indulged in the power lists that would give me a chance of glory I am not disappointed with the armies I have used.

Unfortunately the shine had worn off in recent months. Don’t get me wrong, I still like 40K, and reading the Horus Heresy books is almost like reading real history. And while I think there isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with the game mechanics of the latest edition I do think there is a lot wrong with the balance of the codex books. Remember before when I said I didn’t use power lists? Well there was never a time that I got my minis out to play a game where I thought I couldn’t win before we had even started, until recently. And that has made me look to the more broken choices so I can compete, which sits unevenly with me.

This led me to look for other games to play for the first time, and I found Infinity. I have to admit it took a while of going round the other systems before settling on one to look more deeply into, and to be honest Infinity  seemed like the best of a bad bunch. The thing that finally sealed the deal was the D20 system with face to face roll which was really interesting. And as I have had more dealing with the game the fluff has also grown on me even if it’s not a rich as that of 40K, yet.

Infinity has reignited my passion for the painting side of the hobby. Having never worked with truescale minis they were a joy to put to the brush. Also the more I play the game the more I want to play it. It has so many nuances to explore and to date its tag line of ‘everything is usable’ has rung true. More to the point for me there has been nothing the seems unstoppable. Powerful yes, unbeatable no. As the game is relatively cheap to start and doesn’t need a lot spending full stop to get up to speed I wondered how they make their money. I was soon obvious as I had been sucked in and while the core rules are free to download I have already purchased the books and am about to start my second faction.

And this is where we come to an end for now as I’m about to encroach on what the hobby club could do for you.

So I’ll leave it with that thought. What do you want out of the hobby, and what can your local club or group contribute.