A little one in between my ‘You and your club’ bit as I’m not gaming tonight and ran out of time for a bit of hobby.

I sold some of my Battlefleet Gothic minis today. A bit of a shame but then their chance of use is ever dwindling. This is not helped with the complete removal of support by GW of their specialist systems, but then the ‘other’ games were always a little difficult to find opponents for. Especially in my current area. Which is a shame because for the most part they were really great games. My Epic Orks were sold a while back because Epic gamers are even rarer. I understand Epic still has a following with Epic UK and BFG must still have players as the items I put up for sale were all bought. It is just a little difficult to find them. Even interest in Blood Bowl is dwindling around here, but that has a digital fix.

All this meant it was with a little apprehension that I took up Infinity. I feared finding people to play may be a little difficult as GW main systems have such a grip in this area. But I thought if anything I could use it as painting project as the figures are really awesome. Which worked out well as they are some of my best work. Luckily a couple of people took up the game and Infinity has seen the tabletop here.

So I guess it’s a bit of a shame that something old is gone, hopefully not to be forgotten. But then it has made way for something new. Do you manage to the things you want. Being as you need a real life person for a tabletop game it’s a bit more tricky to play the games you want than video games.