As my Bowlog doesn’t get much traffic on BBTactics I thought I may consolidate them here. I wanted to start one for a few reasons. Firstly to get involved with the community, secondly to document the teams progress. Being a sports based game it lends well to stat records and history. This can be good as it creates more attachment and brings a little something extra than just the plain mechanics of the game. Something most of these games have that a lot of other past times don’t, multiple layers. But it can also be a bad thing as it reminds you of your failures. This leads me onto my last reason. I thought if I look back over my games I may improve. Anyway this wall of text is kind of an apology for the next wall of text.

Hey all. It’s been a while since I’ve been around here, things up and down and wot not.

With the arrival of my son I decided I didn’t have time for the two leagues I play in (OCC/UKBBL) and so was doomed to drop to one. I picked the UKBBL mainly because it’s UK based and I’d like to get to their TT tournament again sometime. This led to thoughts of what team to use.

I’ve only played Orcs, HiElves and Humans. Bash, passing, all rounders. Now I’m a reasonable coach and have had some success with each of them, but never felt at home. Bash is the usual ‘beginner’ teams and I don’t really like the play style. It relies on offing players and that is one thing you cannot control, either you injure players or you don’t. I know there are things you can do like generate more blocks, load up on MB and such but it always felt like you were more at the mercy of the dice than usual.

I played HiElves in the UKBBL for a while and while I do like coaching them I really struggle with tactics other than screen and pass. If I can’t do that either because of injury or Nurgle (I hate those things) then I really struggle.

That left Humans, who I seem to do quite well with. I think it’s something to do with the fact I don’t think anything will work so it does. Whereas I expect an Elf to dodge so the first one always fails.

So then, the Gostahof Griffons were born.

Blitzer x 4
Thrower x 2
Lineman x 4
RR x 3.

First game tonight against a rookie DElf team. Don’t recognise the coach although he has a 54% win rate over 200 games. He seem to play a bit loose though with a fair number of TZ dodges and GFIs. Midway through the first half he tried a GFI to the endzone to set up the pass TD which failed and left his ball carrier open. I blitzed it free and scooped it up. He was also in the habit of 1d blocks and retrieved the ball for a marked catch to score. Another GFI or 1d, not sure which, opened up the score before halftime to even it.

Second half and I was a man down with us both suffering a broken neck player. He tried to rush my offense which got a bit messy but left his back field open. After a tussle I managed to get the numbers with another broken neck a couple of knock outs and a surf. By that time I was good for the stall and held for a 2-1 win.

Griffons take flight.

MD2 is finally upon us and for me that signalled Ogres.

I won the toss and elected to receive, this is against the norm for me but I went with it for two reasons. I did like facing off all that MB with rookie teams and I wanted a chance to off some snotlings.

It went well and first half I managed to break down the wing and force a score T6. He’d fouled out a lineman and I managed a BH on an Ogre. His drive was hampered by a lack of rr and I stretched out to attempt a second before the half. This gave him an opportunity to move it wide but I still managed to make the Blitz and retrieve the ball, only to fumble it onto my Ogre.

Second half and he injured another lineman early but midway through I managed to kill an Ogre in a block. He moved the ball to midway in his half to on side and I GFId a Blitzer to mark him a few scuffles and the ball popped out onto my loner and I stalled out the rest of the match.

Definitely got at least on skill up but with a lineman dead I’m still going to be playing with a loner for next match.

MD3 against Chaos scheduled for later tonight. Rookie team with only 1 Warrior with block before the last game. But he scored 3 times so expecting that to change.

I had a couple of skill ups and took +1ST and MB on Blitzers. I also had a lineman killed. So team as it stands is;

2x Blitzer
Blitzer – MB
Blitzer – +1ST
3x Lineman
3x RR
2 FF

Playing any team with a lot of ST4 isn’t nice but being a rookie team will help, as will a ST4/Block piece of my own. Currently sitting 2nd on goal difference a good result here will be a decent run to start with.

Game is done and I managed a draw keeping my unbeaten record. I must say I was a bit soured when my first four injuries were all deaths. Anyway.

I elected to kick and he moved the ball to my left wide zone. An early skull/block turnover allowed me to get coverage on the ball carrier. A couple of turns later and luck turned as I block a marker away on to the ball when I had 4/5 players marking to his two and the ball duly bounced into his remaining marking warrior. A scramble and string of failed pick ups and I managed to hold in the first.

Starting the second I has the +ST Blitzer plus another and a lineman dead, so it was going to be difficult. I formed a cage and started to shuffle left and right, mainly hoping to hold out for a draw. I did pull position enough to attempt a couple of pushes into his half but didn’t have the players to cover the ball well enough. Late in the half and I punched a hole and ran a Blitzer deep to danger a pass then tried to move a loose cage and it crumbled. He closed in but I managed to dodge away but a failed hand off stopped a golden opportunity as if it had worked there was only a beatman in the range to stop the score.

So still good in the league but my team is severely damaged.

Quick catch up after Christmas.

MD4 vs douglowe Khemri. A turnovertastic 1st half where my thrower took 4 turns to pick up the ball, which meant I was pressured in my own half and had to rally to stop a defensive TD.

Second half and the ball was in the crowd but I couldn’t cover it enough and so was out of position to stop the cage. A few players down and the stall score was inevitable for the Griffons first loss.

MD5 vs Mercy Flush Flings. First half receiving in the wet and a LOS shuffle I manage a cage mid way on a wide zone, which was duly smashed by a Tree. A reverse and hand off meant the failed GFI was all that stopped me going up before the half.

In the second I managed a blitz on the ball carrier a couple of times but a Slippery Fling managed to dodge through the screen and score. By this time I’d finally turned up the heat and off’d a few flings in the last few turns, so a high kick and a hand off and the score was tied.

I’ll bring an update on team and standing after the skill ups have been finalised.

I had 3 skill ups before this MD so the team looked like this

Ogre MNG
Blitzer MNG
Blitzer MB
Blitzer Guard
Thrower Strong Arm
Lineman x3
Lineman wrestle

MD 6 vs Shearov and Nurgle

Kicked in the first and after two of my journos went out injured I knew it was gonna be another tough one. At least the team was surviving so far. I managed to block the drive reasonably well but after another out Ko’d and a dead>dead Guard blitzer there were holes and he managed to pass to a Pestigor and move to the opposite corner out of reach and make it 1-0.

Second half and my drive and I knew it would take a hero play to gain the draw. Mid way through I tried a long bomb and was duly intercepted. Managed to 1D the carrier down again and retrieve the ball for a rush attempt, but with little to no coverage the lone Blitzer was crumped and 1-0 it stayed. Had to use the second apoth near the end of the match to stop another Blitzer going out ST busted.

Harsh old season.

MD 7 vs Theoretican and Orcs

Was a little worried about losing more players with the abundance of ST4 in and Orc team. But apparently he was a new coach, he played rather loose with the geenskins.

First half he received and left the gobbo open for a dodge2D blitz and a scrum ensued. I managed to gain the ball and move out of range to go one up. Second half and a touchback short clock sent the ball to the ogre and the hand off failed. Losing a turn I feared and another scrum followed. Shortly after I managed to cage on my lef and he closed in, only for a run and off run to the opposite wide zone and that was all she wrote.

2-0 to the Griffons

The MVP went to a journeyman who I didn’t have enough to hire so that’s lost. The ogre is due a skill now though. Stopped the rot for a while.

MD 8 vs Insidious and Nurgle

1-1 final

Brutal first couple of turns with four players going off injured including two deaths, a warrior and a rotter. Employed the wizard far too early hoping to press my advantage to go up before the half which failed.

Second half and I completely fluffed the start of my drive with the push sequence and trying to skill up a lino, which resulted in a scrap deep in my half. Net result I went one down on T13. Only a quick snap touchback drive saved a blowout.

Not been too disappointed with my play so far this season, even with a brutalised team. First couple of turns of the second half was a howler but I put that down to being severely under the weather.

MD9 vs Leftfields DElves

I was 600k in the hole which wasnt a good omen. Setting up I saw I was facing off against a load of stat boosted elves and the game turned out to be a bit of a nightmare.

There wasn’t much in the way of bad luck or duff plays the team was just too strong. I took a Blitz! in the face first drive which set the tone. A bit like the superbowl but I was never expected to win.

I knew I would have a chance if I could off players quick but with him catching his own kick off it was not to be. I managed to get going mid way through the second half racking up some injuries enough that he didn’t put up much of a defense for my last couple of turns so I clawed one back. If the rest of the game was the same it may have been a different story.

Ended 3-1 down.

MD10 was called off after a MIA coach replacement was found to late to arrange the match.

MD11 vs Khorne and Geiger. 3-1 win

Finally playing with a reasonable team after being severely mauled this season the plays felt good. After stretching the offense and a failed GFI on a blitz a hole to the ball carrier was open and I managed to steal the ball for a defensive TD.

The reply came pretty swiftly when I couldn’t cover off the sideline well enough so a passing play and GFI brought the equaliser. Afterwards I managed to score again before the half going 2-1 up.

I planned to stall for a few turns before attempting to score again as if the clock was run enough a 3-1 lead would effectively end the match. Pressure was applied heavy to my loose cage and I had to move with play more risky than I had hoped, but i came off and mid way through the second half it was done.

A few key moment dice fails helped me along the way but I managed to capitalise on them when they came. After the last score things went really awry and nuffle said no to a consolation TD.

Finishing the season with a respectable team and position considering how rough it’s been. I’ve been pretty happy with my plays and don’t think I’ve made too many mistakes. A few MNGs for the start of next season but with a few positional out for a while my linos have all got a skill which should help things.

So we get to season two in Barren Hills West. Didn’t really want promotion as my team got brutalised and I felt that going into MD1 vs Insidious Nurgle where I felt the lack of Guard heavily.

MD1 vs Insidious and Nurgle

It was a hard match where I kicked in the first and he scored reasonably early. I had enough time to draw before the half but his positioning was excellent and with little Guard I had a hard time manoeuvring. I nearly made it though and was a pick up and short pass from tying the game after taking a Bltiz! kick off.

Second half and things were tough again but after fouling off a second Warrior I had evened the score. Dead Warriors in both games now. I had to run a switch back play as things got hairy but when he closed in the gap for a had off blitz run was there and I had too much speed. On the last drive a failed pass meant he only made it to the half way line and the game was tied. Dead rookie Catcher for me though so still playing with no bench MD2.