MD3 DElves Leftfield 2-1

MD3 was another promotion from Drakwald Forest. I was 290k down for inducements which smacked of TV management, something I mat have to start doing again if it going to be rife. I won the coin toss and seeing he was with a loner decide to kick and play for numbers. He moved the ball to my left wide zone quickly and scored turn 2. The next kick off was a touchback where I waited too long and the AI gave the ball to the Ogre. I tried to shuffle to pull him out of position but the Ogre just isn’t built for that kick of play. I got a space on the left and made for a hand off pass with my +AG lino to a catcher and failed the quick pass. He had two leapers ready to get to the ball but also fumbled in to the crowd. I managed to retrieve the ball and stall out to even by half time.

Second half and I had a slight numbers advantage which was steadily increased and by turn 12 he was several players down and only making token Blitz foul plays as I had the ball deep in his half out of range. A few brutal turns of stalling and I took the lead last turn of the have after removing most of his players. Solid result moving me up the table a few places but with several teams with a game in hand.