MD4 Geiger and Khorne 1-1

Blood Bowl at its worst in my opinion. First half I won the toss and elected to kick and a suspect 8 of 10 injuries were ko or better resulting in me having 3 players on the pitch by turn 4. That made for a pretty null and void half.

Second half was a game and a tough one. I had to stay around the line of scrimmage far too much as I tried to free up players in an attempt to line up a play. A few stupid moves did not help matters. I eventually managed to screen on the left flank and after he went heavy to cover moved the ball to the right with a Blitzer. He could reach with a block dodge GFI Blitz combo but rolled pushes and I scored. A 2 turn drive and loading the right I had to make some risky moves but managed to cover off enough that he had to make a long string of rolls for the score and amazingly only failed on the GFI for the endzone. Yet again proving that it is the hardest roll in the game.

Keep my clean sheet of no losses this season and am the only coach to take points of the leader, so not all bad.