MD6 Kinjin and DElves 2-0

Facing off against bottom of the table Kinjin and the game went pretty much as expected. He is another fellow promotion from DFW. His screen was pretty thin and made a few first move failures without getting into position so I managed to play a long game in the first scoring in the 16th.

Second and it looked sketchy as I went 5-4 players down after a pitch invasion and he pushed down my right wide zone. A failed dodge after I blitzed him to the sideline meant he was vulnerable and two players in the crowd later I was on the offence again. A grind down field with a switch to my unskilled thrower and the deal was sealed.

I did feel a bit like clubbing a seal as he made a few rookie mistakes. I certainly have a little less empathy with on line gaming as the facelessness of it kind of detaches you from your opponent. With real life games I certainly like to help rather than take any easy win, but then I have had that used against me before. Maybe that is an entry for another day. Anywho I made a couple of suggestons on the forum so we’ll see.