As most of my posts are either Blood Bowl team reports or view on the ‘state of play’ in wargaming I thought I may post something more practical. I am currently building all my Infinity miniatures. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly I am losing track of what miniatures I have and secondly I want to start using my second faction (Nomads) and as I am a horribly slow painter if I wait for my Yu Jing to be finished I will be an old man.

So I got to building and as the larger models are more of an issue to store I thought I would get to them first, well nearly first, I needed to get some Nomads together to start our escalation league. I had recently been to the Spring Challenge where I picked up a box of Geckos. I also had a Szalamandra to build.Image

This led me to thinking about the metal models that cause such an issue for anyone looking into starting Infinity. The Geckos were a dream to put together. All the arms and legs had large square ball and sockets to fit together for a strong bond and very little fuss. The Sally on the other hand were large pieces with smooth curved sockets a joints. This meant I pinned every joint on the model. I think this clearly shows the progress in manufacture as the Geckos are brand new while the Sally is a relatively old model. As I say to anyone I talk to about this sure metal is no way as easy as plastic to work with it sure isn’t the total nightmare it used to be.