MD7 Shearov and Nurgle 1-1

Pretty standard game. He managed to grind down my right to score late in the first and with only a KO on each side I was feeling good. That quickly disappeared with 3 injuries including my Ogre early in the second. My equalising opportunity before half time being ruined by the passive DP and FA skills which make Nurgle so good in my eyes. In a dire situation I had to take some risks moving the ball and only by a lucky play after being hemmed in on one sideline did I managed to toss the ball to a catcher and make a run to relative safety. Not being able to stall I had to score and with a lucky bounce on the return drive it was looking as though it would be chalked up as a loss. But I was able to cover of his receivers and the ball just enough that the play failed and was a stalemate.