MD8 Doomy and HiElves 2-1

I got the play the OCC greenjacket and his High Elves. He was in fear of my pair of MB/Tackle Blitzers and rightly so. One took out two of his key players during the game and he is becoming a bit of a killer for the side, sure to get PO for his next skill. I had hot block and injury dice throughout the match and I played well as a whole. Heavy in inducements I had to employ my wizard the after the only turn I felt I made some bad mistakes and he duly got me out of a hole. That meant I had to score earlier than I wanted in the second half but another timely injury and the defence of the returning drive was much easier.


Another game I have got into after leaving the bosom of GW. I’m not sure if it’s overcompensating or not but it’s like a veil has been lifted. I’ve only played a few game but it seems like quite a fun game. The core rules are reasonably simple but it looks like most of the complexity is in the card combos. I think the real talent is going to be the flying though. Either way I have bought a few ships and as long as I can find a few players (already signed up for a couple of tournaments) it will become my second system behind Infinity. I’ll say though I’ve not missed or looked backed to GW, it’s rapidly looking as though I may sell off what I have because the other side is much better. At least for now.