Firs up MD11 douglowe and Khemri 0-2

Pretty awful match where I got completely diced and didn’t get a look in. I made a mistake in caging after forgetting he had a wizard but after all five players were knocked down and the two Thrower KO’d then the ball retriever falling but the ball bouncing into Nekbrekerekhs hands I knew it was all over. A spate of 1s and key players off the field and I had no chance of putting up a resistance.

Even with a poor final match upon reflection I’m pretty happy with my season. MD10 was an absence so an admin win giving a 5-4-2 scoreline and going into the final match placing 2nd, although I expect to drop to at least 3rd when all the results are in. All in all a solid performance and with no serious injuries sustained from the final match I’m going into next season in good shape.

Expo Preparation

The Expo Infinity tournament is this weekend and my lists are submitted so only a final practice game to go before d-day. I took a different approach to list writing this time. Whereas before I had taken as the norm to write lists mission based I found it wasn’t working out too well as the only trouble I’ve had, apart from my shocking performance at the Spring Challenge, is against the ODD spam of Aleph. So this time I decide to write a list wholly designed to take on Aleph. This list was locked down pretty quickly after I bought some Bao Troops with only a few tweaks during testing. The other list was a different story. It went trough several radical transitions until I finally settled on a hard hitting theme hoping to combat link teams. This list has had very little play testing and in fact will only have one game of it’s latest incarnation tomorrow evening before the tournament. If I remember I will get a photo of them to put up at gaming tomorrow and then the next blog will be an after action report.