Just about recovered from the Expo Infinity tournament yesterday, a long day will the concentration of games but always enjoyable. I didn’t get many photos unfortunately as I use a Samsung phone which the most appalling piece of technology I have ever used. I hope to better my last tournament performance, which wasn’t hard, but didn’t have any hopes of greatness. I managed to put in a solid performance with a 1-1-1 record but taking good points from each game placed 5th overall. I have to say I’m still not too sure about the scoring system for ITS as an evens record does not really imply a good standing but taking 8 and 5 points from my draw and loss respectively meant I was in a good position, the draw was just as good as a win with 8 points.

My first game was against a relatively new player using MAF. He was in the best painted selection but didn’t win. Here is his army, or at least the list he used against me.


Here is the board from my side for mission one, Em Trans.


Having one the Initiative roll I opted for deployment. Having played on Necromunda terrain I knew that while it looks like it should provide a lot of cover the linear nature of the plastic wall pieces means that with only a slight angle you become exposed very quickly. To my surprise he also let me go first. My problems here were a Yaogat link in the middle and a Kurgat with autocannon covering my left. I tried to drop a Tiger on the roof of a building near the link team and not realising the sniper was crouching, I had positioned out of LOF, took a hit and went down immediately. My Guijia moved up my left and made short work of a Vanguard and his Spec Ops. At this point I needed to make for the Antenna but they were still too well covered. I had to deploy my HMG Tiger close to my deployment to eliminate an infiltrated Zerat who also took out the Kurgat. Looking at what specialists he had left the Tiger laid suppression to cover Anyat, the only one left, who duly killed here in ARO. Realising he had no way to win just attacked my Guijia who made a impressive amount of saves and combined with the HMG Tiger cut down his remaining force in ARO, after which I claimed the objectives for an 8-0 win.

Second game was Lifeblood against Shasvastii. All the crates were very centralised and after winning Initiative my opponent choose deployment and I chose to go first. The table set up meant that there were a few crates that each of us would struggle to claim and a bundle of them in a firing lane, so we set up are TR bots covering. I lost out on the exchange but due to having smoke grenades on my Monks, one of which I had to revive but being a classified was not troubled by that, I still managed to check the crates closest to me.


After he checked and blew 3 crates all that was left for me was to get the final crate situated in the building on the right and as I had one classified hope he could not achieve one or more of his. He managed one and we took an 8 point draw.

This lined me up against the infamous IJW and his Nomads for game 3 and annihilation. I took my MSV/smoke list as although he would have decent MSV troops I figured I would need the MSV. I took first turn and my Bao sniper used a couple of orders to take down his Gecko and I air infiltrated my Spec Ops on my left flank to move on some concealed troops. I did this before the Geckp had succumbed as the Spec Ops had a Multi Rifle in case I needed if for the Gecko. I also moved some troops up ready for the next turn and to try and cut off some approach routes. In hindsight this was a bit of a mistake as didn’t cover my Engineer who could have easily made his classified of Sabotage and he was taken out by a surprise Tomcat. Turn 2 was a little more damaged done moving the Spec Ops up but losing him to an Intruder. My mistake this round was not reholoing the Lu Duan which I had debated doing but decided it wasn’t necessary. I think I will err on the side of caution next time. This provided an easy target for an HMG Hellcat who immediately after killed my Lt, one of two Zhanshi on the table. This was only saved by my Monk using Religious to take down his Lt Intruder as the Monk had made it all the way to his deployment zone. This meant our last turns were both short and it ended 6-5 loss.

All in all I’m happy with that result, good points from all games and a solid placing. A couple of minor mistakes which luckily didn’t cost me too much. The Zhanshi Lt going down was unlucky as I’m sure he was only order culling, proving once again that you should take a CoC if at all possible. Also I need to cover myself at the end of turns a little better such as reholoing but other wise a good performance. Now I just just need my ELO to go up!