This weekend is Assault at Imdaar Alpha for me. It’s an official wave pre-release tournament with ships up for grabs. There’s been a fair bit of chatter in the ether about it naturally as you can get your hands on new kit early and from looking at it it’s some nice kit. Admittedly I’m looking at it through very inexperienced eyes but it impresses.

Now as I said I’m pretty new to this game but from initial plays it’a quite a bit of fun. I’m a Star Wars fan so like the setting and the system is easy enough to learn while providing enough challenge in the manoeuvres and upgrades available. I had seen it a while ago and bought the starter after a club mate gave me an intro but never did anything with it. After my dummy spitting over 40K I sold my Imperial Guard army and bought every ship currently released. This brings me to AaIA. Trying to get a game of anything that is not GW at my local club is like pulling teeth. I’m lucky enough that a few guys have taken up my other system Infinity and it looks like they may be the same ones for SW:X-wing. But ever restless for game I was on the search straight away for games which lead me to AaIA.

Now being this new I’m not expecting much, I’d be happy just to win a game to be honest, but I’d like to give a good fight. The problem is having played exactly four 100pt games I haven’t really got flying under control let alone flying with a squad that I like. I’m also the type of person that finds it hard to keep to one list so am always looking for something to change. This has proved troublesome in the past as list tweaking is best in small changes as opposed to sweeping overhauls. Nevertheless I’ve tried a few things.

On the Imperial side of things I’ve only run the Firespray and a couple of TIEs with an Interceptor at level. I really like the idea of a Shuttle and Firespray squad but as with the reason behind not running TIE swarm is I think it needs quality flying, which I just don’t have right now. But I still may give it a go.

With the Rebel side of things I feel they can be a lot more forgiving as individually the ships tend to be more durable. Having said that you are never going to get any squad far without decent flying, or a lot of luck. Or is that hokey religion? I’m more than likely going to run Rebels and that nature of wanting to use everything means I’m leaning towards a squad containing an X-wing, Y-wing, B-wing and A-wing. I doubt this squad will make some noise.

Well there you go. I’m too short on experience to have much of a game plan for this weekend other than get some flying in and have a good time. I guess there is only one more thing to say.

Fly casual.