Today was my first X-Wing tournament and with nervous trepidation I set off for Dark Sphere with a loaded case of miniatures. I think in my last post I alluded to the fact that I am very new to the system and as such was not expecting much. In fact my goal was to win at least one game. I changed my list last minute to run Wedge with Swarm Tactics, Biggs, a Rookie and a Y-wing with Ion Turret.

My goal was fulfilled game one facing a Howl list with a bomber. I managed to hold the formation together long enough that after he split his formation I could do enough damage to wipe him out.ImageI think I set up the same for each round practising some opening moves. I’m pretty happy with the results as I got to figure out some formation moves a little bit although I still need more practice.

Game two was against Krassis and some friends and this time the favour was returned as I was wiped out. I wasn’t sure whether to ignore the Firespray or not and after the opening salvo took a shield off him I decided to continue. This may have been a mistake as while the Firespray did a lot of damage it left the rest of his squad unhurt for the most part. We did realise that he was using Krassis ability on primary weapons near the end of the game but I don’t think it made a great impact. Just goes to show you need to be on the ball with your opponents stuff as well as your own, another good reason not to play a game that charges £35 for an army book!Image

Game three was my only Rebel opponent of the day, he was flying Ion spam with 2 Bs and two Ys. This was a very close game and I made a mistake moving Wedge to Swarm only remaining ship when I should have moved him out of ark. In the end it finished close with a healthy Y against two of his heavily damaged Bs where one more turn could have won it for me.Image

Game 4 was a similar story as I faced off against 3 Bounty Hunters. I could focus fire on one enough to inflict enough damage early on and after Biggs went down and the Y was severely damaged I had only taken the shields down on two and damaged one. The race was on though and Wedge and the Rookie tried to deal out the damage while the Y disrupted. I managed to kill one and forgetting an action on Wedge was one damage of killing another when time was called. Close again.

This meant I finished 21st out of 28. A not too shabby performance and while I completed my goal of winning a game I was a little gutted not to get another victory out of those two close games. As with Infinity the organised play definitely makes for a different game as the time limit tends to lean in favour of hard hitting alpha strike squads. All in all a good day.

Fly casual.