Just a quick one today.

MD 1 Chaos Dwarves monkeyboy 0-1

Started well defending the drive employing the wizard to smash a cage and stop the score. This is usually a good position for a Human team. Second half and I thought if I could score I could but the match to bed as one of his Bulls was out injured. To this end I attempted some flair play which was marred by perfect D and double double fumbles. Needless to say this meant I was on the back foot and defending my own drive. I was too far out of position and conceded the TD. I was a bit disheartened at the time as right now I kind of feel it is indicative of GW games to reward dull play styles or armies, although I guess this is slightly true for all war games. Anyway it’s only MD1 so I’ll just play for the draws the rest of the season in a snooze fest.