MD2 King Doom and chaos 0-2

Gonna keep this one short as well as it’s not a chirpy one. Went into the match pretty ambiguous really. He had a couple of mutant Warriors but not too much else to write home about and I was light 150K. Was gonna be tough as it’s Chaos but doable. Until the match started. I had no block dice again and started turn 4 with 6 players after losing 5 in quick succession, which kind of made the match a bit of a waste of time again. Which is a shame as I really used to like Blood Bowl but right no it is just no fun at all. The problem with online leagues is you have to commit and taking a break between seasons does not guarantee you can re enter. Plus the big thing with Blood Bowl is the progression so seeing those teams develop really brings it out, but also highlights the work put in when you want a break. Still I’m thinking of re rolling to Orcs or something to get my bash on for a while.