MD3 kharny and Lizards 1-1

Lizards are my nemesis team and after the run I’ve had was not expecting much from this match. The first half did not disappoint with 4 players off in the first 2 turns. After the score my drive started with a Blitz! effectively ending the first half for me.

The second started with a more positive tone with a Saurus going off on the line of scrimmage. This continued and by the last turn of my drive there were only 2 Saurus on pitch. This goes to prove my previous grumble of BB being a numbers game and after my previous grumble kept to my word and played for the draw so didn’t even attempt an early score to get a win.

I managed to get something from this match, but honestly, it hasn’t brought a lot of love for the game back, only affirmed my complaints.