MD4 Loosecannon and Chaos disconnect

I wasn’t expecting much from this match after my recent spate of horrible matches but after a thread about nuffle whining I was oddly at peace with my game. I kicked in the first and managed to stall him nicely by the line of scrimmage for the first quarter but around turn 6 or 7 things took a turn for the worse for him. I fouled his mutant Mino to death which the apothecary duly made more dead. A Beastman killed himself with a Go For It and by the end of the half he was seriously out numbered.

Starting the second I thought the numbers were enough in my favour that it was worth an early score and an attempt to turn him over. I scored with relative ease and on the return drive I pushed up too far in an attempt to regain the ball. I knew he had to score quickly or risk losing the ball which he did giving time for the winner. A touch back meant I was in a good position deep in his half well up on numbers with only a couple of turns left. Disconnect.

It actually turns out this was deliberate so is in the hands on the admins though it seems a ban is not on the cards, probably giving me the 2-1 win.