MD5 stevethedeath1 and Orcs 0-2

This was a better game where I was in contention for most of the match. Even my opponent commented on my poor luck which made defending the first half difficult. A lazy decision to block with the Ogre first on the return ended any chance of drawing before half time.

Second half continued like the first having to burn rerolls early. I always keep at least one for late game but this match just ate them. Then some horrible first block double skulls finished it.

Again the numbers told as I nearly held in the first with even numbers and finishing 6 or 7 to 10 in the second meant that the turnover was inevitable. This leans me ever more to a reroll to higher armour/strength skill team. Unfortunately the only one I really know how to play is Orcs, which lets face it is boring. So contemplating just jacking it in right now.