I’ve been playing Infinity for a little while now and even though we’ve got a lot of new terrain at my local club I still feel we are lacking in that particular department. Infinity benefits greatly from good looking tables as the aesthetic of the games lends well to real world terrain pieces. Along with a few nights of gaming at home this has led me to put together a personal table. It also has a little to do with the fact I am not only helping out with a tournament but putting one on myself, I want both events to be as good as possible and with Infinity that means good terrain.

I’m on a budget at the moment so even though I wanted to make a table I still needed to keep costs down. I had already made a few cardstock items when we were first playing for the usual reason of the clubs 40K terrain was not up to scratch. I added a few more complicated pieces (not too complicated) in the form of buildings courtesy of tommy gun. This led me to the same situation as the club. A fair amount of solid LoF blocking terrain but little in the way of scatter cover or elevation.

With this in mind I spent the last of my budget on some jersey barriers and a small Deadzone kit from Mantic Games. I was really impressed with the Deadzone stuff as it gives a lot of flexibility and scope for solid structures or elevated gantries making for some varied terrain. On opening the box it looked a lot at first but after assembling was less than first appearance. But it was only a small kit so still very good value for money in my opinion.

I have also put together some scatter pieces in the form of barriers and objectives that can double up as barrels. These are made from kinder egg containers with some sand weight in them. All I need is a way to adhere paint to them and they will look fine.

Here is a picture of the table set up. The jersey barriers are not mine as they had not arrived and I am also waiting for some shrubs to build up the woodland piece.