I am blessed to be able to attend more than a few tournaments and this week is no different. I am due to play in Raise the Roof, an X-Wing tournament held in Tolworth.

Now I have not had much experience with X-Wing having very few games. This means that I have little skill and even less knowledge of the meta. I have managed to get exactly two games after my first tournament and very few before that. I should get a couple of games in with the list I’m going to take before I get there but hold little hope for much success. So on to the list.

This is what I am going to take:

Bountiful Stress

100 points


Omicron Group Pilot (38)
Lambda-Class Shuttle (21), Advanced Sensors (3), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Rebel Captive (3), Engine Upgrade (4)

Backstabber (16)

Kath Scarlet (46)
Firespray-31 (38), Veteran Instincts (1), Gunner (5), Slave-1 (0), Flechette Torpedo (2)

I have just started using the large base ships and am enjoying it. The YT-1300 is supposedly an easier ship to fly due to turrets among other things but I find the complete list I can build with the Empire more interesting and I almost like the challenge of flying the Shuttle, almost. There has been a lot of scare mongering regarding the Phantom and I expect to see a few of them, not least because wave 4 is still quite fresh. With that in mind I thought a way to combat the Phantom would be stress. Both the large ships have ways to induce stress and with a little luck Kath could induce stress twice. Although that means she would not be dealing any damage I may take that on a Phantom in the hope the following turns the hurt can be applied. Here it was a toss up between the Gunner and Auto Blaster. An Auto Blaster would mean more chance of cancelling those crits but I think the Gunner is a more solid choice. I would also like Tactician for the Shuttle but without a Defender I settled for the Flechette Torpedoes. The other reason for Kath is with VI she will be shooting first against most Phantom variants before the dreaded ACD.

I think realistically I have to keep the same objective as last time in that main effort (after having fun of course) is flying experience and not to lose every game! Although after two very close losses last time out it is hard not to hope for more. At any rate a day of gaming always feels like a win to me.