Today I managed to get up to Tolworth and the 1st Founding for an X-Wing tournament, a place I haven’t been to in nearly a decade and immediately recognised some faces. It was a joint event with Dropzone Commander which turned out to be a good day. The guys were talking about running a larger event in the future which I hope to get to. But on to today

I had a bit of a change to my squad. After flying the Shuttle a few times and coming to realise how lumbering it is I decided to strip some points out of it as it can be hard to get in arc with it meaning points not achieving much. Here is what I went with on the day.

Raise The Roof 2

99 points


Kath Scarlet (44)
Firespray-31 (38), Veteran Instincts (1), Rebel Captive (3), Slave-1 (0), Flechette Torpedo (2)

Omicron Group Pilot (24)
Lambda-Class Shuttle (21), Darth Vader (3)

Night Beast (15)

Backstabber (16)

Stripping it down to a Doomed Shuttle freed up points for Night Beast and Flechette Torpedoes on the Firespray. I definitely don’t like torpedoes without action efficiency as needed target lock and focus to be effective is too much for one ship. I would have liked Tactician but with out that I think if I run this squad again I would use Seismic Charges.

Game 1 Match win

Game one lined up against Chewie and two B wings. This went really well as I knew the slow Bs would make it easier to get shots with the shuttle. Vader did his thing to take Chewies last hull point and then the agile TIEs and Kath put the hurt on the Bs ending in a big win for me.

Game 2 Match Loss

Facing off against another Firespray in the form of Boba and two Bombers this game started well with me taking down a Bomber early but late game saw some terrible flying including some damage from asteroids and the final round on combat gave up the only other kill of the game in Kath handing the win to my opponent.

Game 3 Match win

Game three was against Rebels with Dutch, Ibtisam, Ten Numb and a Z95. The Z went down as the TIEs moved to intercept and guard the flank while Ten was the main target for the other ships, again Vader coming into his own taking significant damage from both Bs. It was looking rather dire as I was still at full strength when Dutch lost his final hull point to an asteroid.

Game 4 Match Win

Another Imperial list and another Firespray this time Krassis and a minis Howl swarm. Howl was main target here who quickly received a crit reducing pilot skill to zero taking out Swarm Tactics. Again the TIEs got some good flanking shots and the large ships tore into the enemy TIEs. It was a bit hairy early on as some major damage was  dealt to Kath, who bugged out while my other ships kept Krassis busy. She managed to re engage right at the end to finish of the last TIE.

I was a bit surprised as this gave me a good standing finishing 3rd overall and taking an award for best Imperial. Which wasn’t exactly true as the top spot was taken by Phantoms but I guess it was a way to do something different. I was pretty happy with this result as it was a big improvement and my only loss was a close one.

There was a thought on tournament etiquette I guess as my last opponent was the son of one of the other players and apparently it was his first games of X-Wing. I maintain that fun is the main objective so I had no problem reminding him of his pilot abilities and allowing him to take actions well after activations. I had to draw the line when he revealed his dial and said he made a mistake a changed it. I informed him that if you make a mistake with your dial you have to stick with it and made him perform the original manoeuvre. There is only so much you can let slide with new players in a tournament I’m afraid.

The last game win meant I could take home the custom asteroids used in the tournament along with my trophy. All in all a good day and another step up in my flying ability. Looking forward to the next on now.