MD6 Waleed and DEleves 1-1

This match day was a reasonably standard affair. The elves received first and kept the ball in the backfield while the Griffons did a commendable job of making life difficult and they almost made it too difficult. With time running out they lunged down the flank and with a lot of side step I thought the elf in the way of my Blitz had it when he didn’t so messed up the push which meant I needed a dodge double GFI to reach the ball carrier. This duly failed leaving only a dodge for the elves to score.

Second half and my weaker offence was hammered with the ball carrier being reached twice but with a good enough screen he could not capitalise. Late in the half and a few players down he over committed to the second sack and I sped the ball away only for the Catcher to also be downed but again with no one to support and me in a good position I retrieved the ball again and tied the game.

Good tense game in which a draw was reasonably fair but I still think I am going to reroll next season and probably to lizards, at the moment I am unsure whether to stay in UKBBL or make a return to OCC.