This weekend sees another Infinity tournament in what is shaping up to be great year for gaming. This time it is down in Bournemouth for the South Coast Tournament Series. The organiser is set to help me out with my own event next month so I’m returning the favour by bringing some terrain, which means an extra early start to set up. I’m also hoping to get involved with organising the series in the future so watch out for that!

With X-Wing so close which I have had so little game time on I am relying on previous experience with Infinity as I have had very little practice games this time round. Only a couple of sessions tweaking my list and at time of writing no games at all with its final incarnation. But that is set to change the Thursday before with a mini tournament at the club. Which is great as we have another player at the club who is joining us on this road trip. The Hydras expand!

The list building was quite difficult this time as there is only one list allowed, so it was a challenge to fit everything required into one list. The event was billed as a beginner event and as such I have chosen to take JSA, an army I rarely field. Even more so units within that army that I have little or no experience with. I wanted to run a link team as I don’t normally with vanilla YJ and I wanted some experience with them. I also wanted to run some new units and some units I like the models for but field very infrequently. With these factors going into an army I’m not experienced with I think that is in keeping with a beginner event as while certainly not a pro I don’t consider myself a beginner any more. I’ll give a full run down of the list in the After Action Report.

I think I’m going to have to be wary of objective for the weekend as every time I expect a lot I get crushed heavily. There are also some heavy hitters going which could spell doom. I think main effort has got to be the same as when I was attending 40K tournaments now in a 50% win ratio. Beyond that there is the club banter of #tophydra and it sure would be nice to regain that crown. Other than that just a good day of gaming that I am looking forward to. But mostly I am enjoying the camaraderie of having a gaming group that attends events together, something I have not had in nearly a decade.