This weekend sees my third X-Wing tournament, this time a ‘local’ event in Brighton hosted by Brighton Warlords. I’ve been to BW many times for 40K tournaments but this is the first time I’ve been down there since my departure from 40K. It will be the biggest of the X-Wing events so far but then only having attended two previously I don’t have much experience. I think that even though I came third last time out of the blocks I still need to keep the same objectives in a 50/50 win ratio, or there abouts, and only having one crushing defeat so far I think I’m punching above my weight for a newbie. Obviously it goes without saying the first objective is a fun day of gaming!

I think I have to keep with the same squad more of less as I did so well with it last time, even though I still have loads I haven’t even touched yet such as the YT! Probably means I’ll get a string of resounding defeats though! But with my sporadic nature I had to make a few tweaks to the list, mainly to improve the stress giving properties but also I just can’t but help run something new, this time the Bomber. I’ve managed to pick up the new Imperial ships with some more 40K sell offs and am pitting them to good use with Tactician and Munitions Failsafe but as usual it means I’m slightly unsure of what to do with the new stuff with very little play testing. Here is what I’m likely to take.

Darth Stress

100 points


Omicron Group Pilot (27)
Lambda-Class Shuttle (21), Darth Vader (3), Rebel Captive (3)

Bounty Hunter (37)
Firespray-31 (33), Tactician (2), Slave-1 (0), Flechette Torpedo (2)

Scimitar Squadron Pilot (21)
TIE Bomber (16), Flechette Torpedo (2), Seismic Charges (2), Munitions Failsafe (1)

Night Beast (15)

Keeping the Doom Shuttle but making at Doomed Captive as Tactician goes on the Firespray which has Flechettes for a double stress range two hit should I come across a Phantom. As I said previously I had to run some new stuff this time it’s the Bomber and Bombs. The Bomber itself is not too bad it’s just timing the Torpedoes as its primary weapon is only two attack. The bomb on the other hand is another matter as I think in the few practice games I have had I may have only dropped it once. But with no need for an initiative bid really I had no issue spending the full 100pts. I dropped Kath to a Bounty Hunter as while I like the named Firespray pilots I rarely utilise their abilities and as the Firespray is durable enough not to go down too early I hope I wont miss the PS too much.

That’s it really. X-Wing is quite enjoyable even if it isn’t my main system, so I’m quite looking forward to the day and hope I can pull a couple of wins out of the bag. As usual keep an eye out for my After Action Report on the other side