I’ve gotten a hold of a lot of terrain recently due to playing Infinity. Our club has spent out a fair bit but I felt that not only were we still lacking but I wanted to be able to put together a decent table myself. This comes in no small part to running an Infinity event and getting involved with the South Coast Tournament Series and anyone who has had anything to do with Infinity will know terrain is an issue. So after a frenzied time building terrain I thought I’d review the bits I have.

I’ll give a few thoughts on the pieces the club has acquired recently. I wont go into to much detail as I wanted to mainly cover the bits I have shelled out my own cash for. The club did what I’m sure a lot do and started with a few MAS buildings. It’s 3mm HDF and as such pretty sturdy, I personally like the products but they are relatively expensive. We also have some of the Systema Gaming products which I prefer slightly for a couple of reasons. It’s cheaper so you get more for your money and the main one is it all comes with interior walls, which is a biggy. The downside is I don’t like the way everything is raised on runners.

On to the items I personally have. I’ll start with one of the bigger names Warsenal. I got hold of on of their Alpha two storey buildings and I was immediately impressed with the complexity of the piece. It is designed to be able to swap out the walls around a frame to give multiple building choices.

While this is a nice idea and it is a lovely product I’m not sure if it is necessary. After buying the extra facades you are not far away from a whole new building, only saving on the frame. Along with this they are at the top end in the expense stakes and bare on the interior even thought the exteriors are layered with detail and I mean layered. I was in awe the whole time I was building it. It boils down to expense for me here, I don’t think I would buy any more personally due to that even though they are great products.

Next up some pieces from Warmill. I actually won these in an Infinity tournament although I have had my eye on them for a while.

These are 3mm MDF and again they are nice products. A lot of these terrain kits that are appearing now are much the same but there are a couple of things I like about these kits. The detailing on some of the flat areas are quite nice as you can see from the picture and small things like the door hinges are a great touch. But again if you want a fair amount of the kits, which you may need for Infinity, then it can get expensive rather quickly. I really like the aesthetic these have, they give me an ‘Aliens’ feel and I would certainly consider purchasing more of these.

Next up I have a few kits from an eBay seller wargame-model-mods.

These are thinner 2mm MDF and I picked them up as they were cheaper than a fair amount of the kits available and on opening them the first thing I noticed was they are massive. The scale is 28mm but I didn’t pay too much attention to the dimensions when ordering and they are a lot larger than the pictures alluded to, which is great. They are cheaper and as such do not have things such as removable doors and easy access interiors but the exterior detailing is plenty good enough.

This building I did manage to modify the door pieces to free stand behind the apertures as I am going to use it as an objective room and it does have detailed flooring on the interior, so there are options for CQB. Another nice touch was they all come pre pressed from the sheet and with a little instruction leaflet, which was handy. After not realising the size of them I bought more than I needed at the time so I have more than enough now but if I had not I would definitely look to grab some more.

I also picked up some Sarissa Precision items to. Again this was thinner MDF and to be honest felt flimsy when assembling them. But after they were finished I was impressed with how nice they looked.

I liked the added pieces of the ladders and stand to make the silo horizontal but it was a shame they were paid extras, they also had nice detailing on the end pieces in the form of handles and such. These are very pretty pieces and Sarissa is another company who I have had an eye on their products for a while. 

Finally I have some products from the TTcombat kickstarter, a Troll Trader sideline. It was a struggle getting them through and soured my experience of KS but the product itself is good quality. It is much the same as a lot of other products when you compare their buildings

but they also have a few other items which took my fancy as it is nice to have things other than building on the table. I quite like the small barrels to go along with the larger drum, it gives a little bit extra to set the scene.

These kits were easy to put together but suffered a bit when it came to the accessories. In particular the shuttle as I still have several bits I have no idea where they go. At lest Warsenal had a youtube channel for there overly complicated items.

All in all there is a lot of great stuff out there right now and you can’t go wrong with any of these products to be fair. In my mind it all boils down to how much you are willing to spend. But even if that is a lot don’t over look the cheaper products as they do the job just as well as the more flashy ones.