This weekend saw my third X-Wing tournament, this time at an old 40K event haunt in the Brighton Warlords. It was their first X-Wing event and turned out to be a good day with players coming in from various places to make a decent sized field. I met a couple of people I have been conversing with on facebook so it was good to put faces to names, I even played a couple of them.

I ran the squad I talked about in my Briefing post so check that out for full details if you are interested. I didn’t do my usual trick of last minute tweaks this time so was ready to go with a familiar squad.

Game 1 Match win

First game was against a nice fella from Dark Sphere Richard and his four ship Rebel build with two Z-95s an E and a B, three of which were high PS. Unfortunately I had trouble uploading tweets which is the usual way I remind myself of game details when it comes to write ups. This game fell into my hands as we clashed in my near left corner and I managed to get a good hit in with the Seismic Charge. Vader got to action early inflicting damage and I managed to get a win wiping him out.

Game 2 Modified match win

Second game was against another Rebel player who was running Han and two As I believe. We traded blows in the first engagement and I lost the Bomber whilst taking out the two As and damaging Han. At this point the only ship in arc of Han was Night Beast and while I tried to realign the large ships he hounded Han. After I saw he was bugging out I should have done the same with the damaged Night Beast but left it one turn too late and he was destroyed. This lost me the win.

Game 3 Match win

First Imperial player of the day and my first Phantom full stop. Paired with Fel and Jax his flying was quality and this guy placed third eventually. He lost Fel to the Bomber in one volley with a Direct Hit! and then it was a game of dancing around the other two nimble ships only getting one or two long range shots a round was not enough. Eventually he came in range of the Shuttle and Vader finished of Jax.

Game 4 Match loss

This game was against a player from the East Grinstead club. He was running Kath, Rexler and a Black Sqn. Again we traded blows me coming off worse by spreading my shots and only taking down the Black Sqn while the Bounty Hunter got out of position and the Bomber went down. I got Rexler heavily damaged eventually and with time approaching had to take some big risks to try and get the W, which failed giving him the full win rather than modified.

Game 5 Match Win

Another Rebel player with Han, Wedge and Biggs. The first contact went a bit awry as he forgot Biggs and I only remember after a round of shooting with the Shuttle at Han. He let it go though as he had missed it. With some good manoeuvring I managed to down Wedge and Han as Biggs went off on his own giving me the win. 

Game 6 Match loss

This game was against Rebels again and the eventual winner. He was running a Super Han build and to be honest this was a bad omen as it was really unbalanced. I flew quite poorly but still out flew the three Zs he was running but the Super Han was unstoppable and won him the game. I would guess that build won him the other games and it is looking like it could shape up to be a broken combo. This game soured the day for me as the guy was a bit a douchebag. There was almost no banter during the game and with 5 mins to go and his Falcon and my two ships at opposite ends of the table I said we’re only going to get one more round do you want to call it? After shaking hands he then demanded to take 100 points claiming I conceded. I had no qualms telling him there and then it was a douchy move but hey, some people just gotta win so bad. Shame.

All in all though a good game against a majority of good guys. I was reasonably happy with my flying again and only flying horribly in the last round but the less said about that game the better. I probably could have positioned better in game 4 as the Bounty Hunter ended up way out of the action but hey, not a bad showing finishing 9th.