MD11 Doomy and HiE 2-1

I actually got ahead of myself last week and there was one more match of the season and it was an important one as it was for the last relegation spot. A win or a draw would see me stay up while a loss would see my opponent take that prize.

This game is another rematch where Doomy was hoping it wouldn’t go the same way as last time around I believe I had a pair of MB/Tackle Blitzers who gave him a hard time. Unfortunately this game itself is a replay as the first attempt was cut short as my machine had a meltdown. The game was near the end where I thought he had the upper hand but as it was a relegation match Doomy was sure it should be played to finality. The replay did not suit him again as I managed to get the upper hand in the numbers game, once again suggesting that that is the most important part of the game. A blizzard hampered his return drive after I scored in the first and although he returned the favour after the break the numbers were starting to show and with a Wizard in hand I managed to get the second. There was time to spare but at this point it was highly unlikely he could get the two TDs he needed to stay save and the game was mine.

After a bit of talk about the state of bash in the UKBBL though I’m slightly regretting not returning to the OCC this season. We’ll see I guess, maybe next.