This is a double tournament post incorporating both the briefing and AAR. I did not do one at the time as this one was a little different as it was a tournament I was running rather than participating in.

The run up to this one was somewhat different to the 40K event I ran this time last year in that the work load was much less. There was still a lot to do in terms of prep and organisation but I had much more help this time round and the fact it was at the club venue rally helped matters. The club has bought a fair amount of scenery recently and along with the scenery myself and other members had we really managed to put on a good spread. I also had a tournament spreadsheet that worked this time courtesy of the SCTS guys, which was a great help.

All in all the day went really well. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there were no issues. Infinity being what it is there was a fair amount of rules questions, mainly in the tense last game, but I think my rulings were reasonable. Obviously I’m still relatively new to the system so was concerned about that issue but I think I’ve managed to get a reasonable handle on the rules, which was shown as although I had to check the book a few times to be sure only one instance was my first thought incorrect.

I really enjoyed the day also, even though I’m a gamer at heart. I think seeing that everyone enjoyed themselves made the while thing worthwhile and I’m looking forward to the next one. The only thorn in my side is the possibility of having to take a weekend job. It seems everytime I get things moving something crops up to impede my gaming life!