MD1 Waleed and Dark Elves 1-0

The start of a new season and although I was in half a mind whether to play this season I was happy to get back on the horse. After a laptop meltdown it was touch and go as to if it would even be possible to start and after a dead Lineman on the very first block it looked like it was going to be a bad day. I managed to stop the drive on the defence in the first covering off a receiver who was deep at the end of the half. Second was a standard cage play making use of the upper hand in the attrition war. A commanding performance in the opener and although my opponent complained a lot of bad luck I didn’t feel it was heavily one sided. If you play elves and have to dodge then double 1s are gonna happen sometimes and my elves injured themselves plenty on dodges. In any event it was only 4 or so injuries by the end of the match which meant it was a standard run in but didn’t not a complete demolishing.