I’ve had a bit of growth in my hobby recently. The Infinity community is a great one and as such the local guys I have been gaming with and I have really got ourselves involved with it. We’ve had much to talk about and as gamers like to listen to podcasts where others talk about our beloved hobby. Because of this we noticed there was a distinct lack of podcast relating to Infinity originating from the UK so a few of us have put on together. The first episode is already out where we introduce ourselves a talk a bit about what is going on. You can check it out here http://totallycrit.podbean.com/

Data Sphere Blog

I’ve also got involved with the Data Sphere blog. I kind of like putting my views out there even if I’m not really sure anyone cares to listen. Sometimes I feel like what I’m saying can be a little insightful, but mainly with the hobby aspect I like tracking my exploits and I hope the battle reports are somewhat entertaining. Either way anyone who actually reads this drivel may see a marked improvement as I get some tips from guys that actually know what they are doing!