It’s looking much like my tournament season is coming to a close so I ask myself where to now?

Well thankfully there is so much going on with Infinity I’m spoilt for choice. Now the tournaments are slowing up we may get back to either our club Escalation league or Campaign Paradiso. Both of which I am looking forward to as I am using a new faction with my Nomads. As such I’ve been frantically building and even started a test colour scheme the other day. One of the remotes I got on a new 55mm base so I shall endeavour to get some pictures up soon as well.

I am looking forward to both these things not least because I get to try out new troop types but the league gives me another chance to grab the coveted Top Hydra spot with its ITS point and Paradiso is a whole new ball game. It will be the first time I have managed to get past the first chapter, touch wood as we’re still to do 103. I know some feel that Paradiso is far from perfect but it will be fun using the Exp rules and following the story. Plus after all that there is still YAMS to have a go at as I haven’t really played that system since I started Infinity.

All in all a great time for gaming still, even without any events!