It has been a truly great year for gaming. But as is so often the case life brings turmoil whenever there is plain sailing. It looks like I may have to take a job that covers both Cub nights and Saturdays, effectively ending my hobby time from here on. I imagine I will still scrape games in here and there but probably not to the extent I would like and have enjoyed.

I am Chairman of the local games club the Hydra Gaming Club and have been for a couple of years now. I was also a member before that but was not living in the area when it was formed. I wanted to be on the committee as I felt there were changes that could be made and that was the bast way to influence them. I always wanted to club to grow as much as possible and with a few others and I putting in a fair amount of effort I am really proud of where the club has come from what was essentially a Fantasy tournament players practice group. Now there are multiple game styles such as campaigns and leagues within systems as well as multiple systems themselves being played. While I would never say that this is solely down to me I do feel I was a large part of the catalyst in making this happen. Because of that it will be sad to not be a part of it any more.

It has also been a great year personally. As I have moved systems to Infinity as my main and X Wing as a secondary things have been really enjoyable. I wont bang on about the reasons I left 40K, my previous main system, but suffice to say I haven’t looked back. I’ve run a tournament for Infinity which was a great success and the community is a good one to be a part of, also having attended several events along the way. Having run a 40K event last year which was not well attended it was very disheartening. To be brutally honest this ties into the club as club attendance was poor, something that still perturbs me as it is the final piece to a great club puzzle in my opinion. But enthusiasm was renewed after the Infinity events was received so well. X Wing as also been good although with less time dedicated to it but I’ve still managed to get to a couple of tournaments and they have been enjoyable for the most part. I’m even looking to run an X Wing event later in the year.

But alas it may not be. I am the father of a young son and as anyone with a family will know it is a difficult time. Which is why I surprised to be blessed with such a great year, a lot of which is down to the nature of the one day events associated with the two systems, but the money issue means things have calmed down somewhat recently. I am a stay at home father and looking after the little one is great but needs must which has brought me to seek a part time job. Hence my current predicament. Ironically it also comes as the same time a few friends and I decided to start a podcast dedicated to Infinity and I also joined a blogging team on a prominent website. But I fear if my gaming time dwindles I will have no meaningful input to these things and will have to leave them just has I get started. I guess only time will tell. I wait with baited breath.