It’s gonna be a couple of short ones.

MD4 Coreboar and Amazon 1-2

I took the first drive hoping to do some damage but I only managed a few KOs which returned at the first opportunity. Putting yet more weight to the damage war theory. Went down 1-0 but managed to get the equaliser but positioning play totally outclassed me in the second half.

MD5 Dark Stalker and HiElves 0-1

Play wasn’t too bad here against a good elf coach but again the damage war was mostly in his favour with myself either trailing player numbers or losing them at key moments while the opposition mostly suffered KOs. Could have drawn it but with no rerolls and 2 GFIs to make the cage I didn’t want to risk it and his 1D Blitz duly injured the ball carrier making it impossible to score after marking up the cage.

Couple of bad results and again I’m a bit off with the Humans. I’ve already signed up for the next OCC season where I might try out Lizards for a while but still, I’d like to not lose all my remaining games in UKBBL.