I’ve been a bit lax in my Blood Bowl blogging lately and that is for a number of reasons, which I wont go into now. To be honest I’ve become a bit jaded with it recently as the bash is overpowering at the minute and a lot of games feel like they have been both won and lost on the strength of the body count recently. I find bash rather boring now, I used to play Orcs a lot back in the day. But it can be a dominating game plan, take out their players and it becomes exponentially easier to win the match. I also feel it is a more luck dependant game plan, I know there are things you can do to with that in mind such as generate blocks in the turn and load up on Mighty Blow. But again I don’t want to go into that now. Suffice to say the Injury dice are mostly in the hands of Nuffle.

Three games have past in the UKBBL which saw the Griffons go down 3-1 to an Underworld team low down in the division. Slippery Goblins dodging for a defensive TD early on and while the scoreline was crushing I was in the game until l the last few turns went south. Also a win vs the at time division leaders in an Orc team. While I didn’t necessarily have an injury advantage the Orcs didn’t inflict many themselves and that makes a match hard for them. The final outing saw a Chaos team get their revenge for a mauling last season and very much returned the favour with some heaving casualties meaning at least two players are dead or cut, obviously ending in defeat.

While I like the play style of Humans I feel in need of a change, so this will be their last season and I have switched back to the OCC and gone for something new in a Lizard team slotting in tier 6. First game in done against a much higher TV Chaos team and resulted in a 2-1 win with no casualties, go Kroc Stars!