This weekend sees what must surely be my last tournament of the year and for the foreseeable future. It is on a Sunday which is the whole reason I can make it as I now work Saturdays, hence not being able to make tournaments in the future.

Leading up to this I have not played for about a month so am going in rusty. As such I have also had no running of lists for the event and basically just wrote one off the top of my head to take and left it at that. As usual two lists are available but this tournament requires a TAG in each list. As I rarely runs TAGs I have even less of an idea what to run than usual and in fact just wrote my second list before this in about 2 minutes while I had a coffee.

The hiatus from Infinity started through choice, sometimes I like to have a break. But looks like its continuation will be enforced as there has been an explosion of XWing, my second system, at the local club. This has also made me re evaluate what I want from my gaming. I really enjoyed the tournament scene with Infinity as after many years of 40K tournaments it was beginning to grate. No I wont go into the reasons here but suffice to say I feel my placings were not representative of my skill on the whole. This changed with Infinity as it seems much less like you can pay to win. So I kinda started to feel like I needed to prove to myself that I could put my money where my mouth was and be a good player with Infinity and to be truthful I wanted some recognition as a good player also. This wasn’t helped much by the fact that my local club is a competitive one. It used to be a Fantasy tournament practice group and on more than one occasion I’ve had ‘who’s winning’ comments regarding intro games. Its an intro game!! The point is to get someone new into the game not curb stomp them. These among a few other factors meant gaming was getting stressful way more than it should do. So recently I have re evaluated what I want from my gaming, which is to have fun. Sure I don’t want to lose five ways from Sunday but the main aim has got to get back to throwin dice for giggles. So I’m approaching this one with a back to basics mentality. Have fun, hopefully win more than I lose and this time mean it not just say it and secretly hope to do much better!

So looking forward to with with a fresh attitude and I will be using some stuff I haven’t used before to boot. Roll on the TAGs!