I guess I should not shy away and write an AAR for this one, face disappointment head on. But I’m gonna keep it short as my grumpy face with appear pretty quick.

It was a good day not matter what comes after this. The only downside was a couple of no shows. As this was a small tournie it was a long way to go to end up being 4 out of 6 players. But the usual suspects are all great fun. So thanks to the players and TO again for this opportunity for a day of gaming.

As the tournament required the use of a TAG and the slim chance of many tournaments in the future I decided to use Nomads. With next to no game time in the last month I wrote a list off the cuff. In hindsight I think the talk about anti TAG gear made me fear too much as I went heavy on the Hackers and Repeaters. I did put a GML in there as well as I thought it would be useful with the Hacking Plus. With all that expensive equipment the only option really was a Gecko.

The second list was thrown together with no thought really just putting in the Sally, Specialists and Order generators.

Game 1 – Frontline vs MRRF 3-7

This game went pretty poorly for my return from hiatus. I made a mistake with the positioning of the GML allowing a link team to trot up the board and take it out. I wasn’t too concerned at this point as I still had an HMG Intruder and the Gecko. But failing I believe all but one ARM roll and losing more than my fair share of FtF rolls the game went south quickly only managing to scrape some points with a Tomcat last turn. This was my first game against Simon as all our other meetings one or other of us has been the TO, and it was a painful one.

Game 2 Seize the Antennae vs Yu Jing 3-6 (maybe 7 I cant remember)

This was against a club mate and taking first turn I hoped to bring the pain with the GML. Alas it was not to be as in a ridiculous display of luck I failed the first 10 FOs. I only made one successful Hack and one FO all game with WIP 14 and 15 troops using Hacking Plus and an EVO. I spit my dummy out to be frank. This was among another spate of lost FtF rolls. These to games combined was too much bad luck for me to stomach.

Game 3 Quadrant Control vs Haqq 3- (again I cant remember but about 7)

To be honest by this point I’d nearly lost all will. All I wanted to do now was destroy a TAG so I rolled out the Sally and charged gunning down the Mag Guard first turn I think. But in doing so I had placed the Sally almost exactly on the dividing line between quadrants. This was by complete accident as I honestly didn’t consider the mission at all first turn and even after the discussion regarding how to resolve the situation I only gave the mission a cursory thought. Probably a mistake as this opponent (another clubmate) finished one place above me by a point I think, and had I been savvy i could have probably taken that position. But honestly I had had enough by then.

This was a bad time for me and not what I wanted in my quest to take gaming ‘back to basics’ and have fun with it. I took my time writing this as I really didn’t want to face it as apart from the GML placement in the first game I honestly don’t know what to take away from this other than get better luck.