Quick recap of the Blood Bowl antics.

Last two games for the Griffons in the UKBBL saw them face off against Lizardmen in a game where yet another coach commented on my bad luck. Started off well shutting them out first half while a couple of unlucky turns and the usual diminishing numbers meant the Lizards could swipe the ball for the win. The final match was against bottom table Chaos and after a commanding 2-0 lead the latter stages of the game went awry as my concentration lapsed allowing a first and with poor clock management allowing the equaliser, ending 2-2. But as this was their last match I wasn’t concerned.

The next two matches in the OCC and my own Lizards take a W 2-1 over an admin with a Chaos team and an admin 1-1 result with an unscheduled match. This led me to question the European league ruling as the unscheduled opponent was USA based and only gave Sunday lunchtime as reasonable time to get the match done. But with no reply at all from the admins, a little disappointing, I’m not emotional over the 1-1 draw. The only downside being it was the bottom ranked team and a win would have seen me goo top of the division, so I would have liked to get the game done even though you never know with BB.