Well low and behold another tournie on a Sunday! Again not wanting to miss out on what I fear will be diminishing opportunities I jumped at the chance. Especially as it was being run by the guys at Next Lvl Events who always put on slick events. This time I’ve not been asked to be on the events team so it will probably go even more smoothly this time.

I have managed a couple of games since the abomination that was my last outing and got a win and a draw. So hopefully that has broken the back of the horrific dice luck I was having. But it does mean I’m still lacking in game time. As such I’m gonna take my Nomads again as they are my thing right now, unfortunately I doubt I’ll get any time to paint any. With that limited game time I’m going to take a variation of one of the lists I took to the Ten Ton Tournie as at least I’ve had a couple of games with it, also a variation of a list that was suggested to me. The second list I have no experience with and will probably be the one I try most on the day. As usual I will reveal the lists in the AAR.

I think objectives have got to stay ‘back to basics’, have some fun. After last outing I’m really not expecting much. Just as long as I feel like I competed in each game will be good enough, if I can win one or two then great. The are 10 or so players on the list and only one other club mate going so hopefully I’ll get to game against some new faces. Looking forward to it.