The past year has had highs and lows much like any other year but with more highs it has been a fur filling year for gaming.

After discovering Infinity more than a year and a half ago I was unsure how my local area would take to it as there is more than a little apathy. But this year it has really taken off. There is now a solid core of players at the local club after a couple of additions and we now make up a decent third of the regular player base. It has also been a great year for events as my local group has taken to the tournament scene with gusto and we have had a fair few road trips, something I have not enjoyed for a number of years now. I got a hold of N2 reasonably well (if I do say so myself) and I think I’ve managed to show I’m a competent player scoring well in ITS.

A low is I’ve really lost some enthusiasm for being on the committee of the local club where I am the Chairman. This has some to do with the aforementioned apathy but some of that can be contributed to the fact we are a small club. The previous year really saw some great developments there as the committee put a lot of effort into getting the club into a good shape as it was very haphazard before.

Also X-Wing has started to take some ground locally, which is good as after being introduced to that a while ago I have taken it on as a second system. It’s a reasonably simple system but has real skill to it which makes it enjoyable. I also managed to get to a few X-Wing tournaments and got a third place at one event.

I’ve also been involved with getting an Infinity podcast off the ground, something I have wanted to do for some time now which is great. It’s run through four episodes so far and seems to have been received well. Check it out here¬†Totally Crit

Along with the podcast I TO’d an Infinity tournament which went really well, more so than the 40K event I TO’d the previous year. I think that shows the great spirit of the Infinity community which I’m proud to be a part of in my own small way.

So all in all it has been a good year for gaming along with the game time my hobby skills have improved as my Infinity minis are some of the best I’ve painted. But as always there is something overshadowing my gaming nirvana and it is uncertain how much I will able to be involved in the coming year. But I am set to TO another Infinity tournament in Feb and I will attend an X-Wing store Championship shortly before. Plus I hope the podcast continues with my involvement and I plan to do a N3 video batrep. So all in all plans are a foot to keep 2015 in line a tremendous 2014.

Thanks to all who have read this blog.