I got time to put paint to mini recently after what seems like ages. I had gone through a phase of trying to build as many minis as possible as I was losing track of what I had got, at one point I bought I mini I forgot I already had!

I started a test paint scheme for my Nomads a while back using a Moderator and a now OOP Interventor. I used the Interventor rather than the new sculpt Interventors which I also have as it really niggles when I’ve had a mini for so long and still have not painted it. Anyway it came out alright and I think I’ll run with it. Here is the finished product.

I also broke out the airbrush! I managed to talk myself into going to another cub to run some Infinity demos and in light of that I thought I had better make an effort to get at least some of my terrain painted. It spent a while at my own club after I put it together as I wanted to use it and it obviously had no work done to it there. Now it is back home and going to be taken to the demo day then I thought I should get over my fear and just try it out. I think I was afraid of ruining my stuff but I think I have to accept that the first bits I do wont be that great and just get on with it.

I’m pretty happy with them as it turns out. Yes they aren’t great but to be honest they came out better than I expected. One of the green silos was the first scenery item I airbrushed and up close you can see an improvement in the second one. At the end of the day they are all better than bare wood and as I say I just need to suck it up and get practising.