This week see a double dose of community for me. First up the next episode of Totally Crit was recorded on this show we talked about N3 first impressions. I wasn’t feeling great so wasn’t on top form but the guys liked the recording. We’ve also looked at show schedule for the next few shows and should get back on track after the holidays.

I’ve also got myself into a demo day at another club for Infinity. I’ve done plenty of one on one demos including Cavalier, where I was immensely busy. But this time it sounds like it will be to a crowd of gamers at varying levels, some will have factions some will not and such, and to be honest it is a little daunting. After speaking to the formidable Simon Thurtle I reckon I’m going to go with a small example and then set those up with games who want to and then do some demos with a smaller group. It will be difficult as without meeting any of them beforehand it will be hard to judge the requirements.

So then, really getting involved now!