Game 8 and the Stars face a low table Nurgle team. I kicked in the first half and managed to get him to shimmy on the line of scrimmage for a while until he made a break down my left flank where I blitzed the ball carrier and scooped it up with a skink. But running out of time I misclicked the last marker meaning he had a free blitz on my skink who was home free. Second half and a touchback given to a Saurus started the drive that got bogged down on the wide zone when the Krox got badly hurt on a failed block, but I eventually managed to break through and stall out for a win. So the table looks like this going into the final match.


MD9 and the title clash. By the time we kicked off I knew third place hadn’t won their match so a draw would be good enough for me to take home the title. He elected to kick and my drive immediately in to trouble with a wide kick opposite to my heavy side. Doubling back for the ball things got bogged down on the Line of scrimmage and it got worse as he set up a 2d Blitz on the ball carrier knocking him down and scooping up the ball. But the return Blitz meant the ball was in the crowd and thrown near my endzone. This stretched the field and I used the Skinks speed and scored turn 8. His drive went wrong as he caged up and sent two receivers down field, one of whom was pushed off the pitch. Knowing he needed a win he tried a risk play passing out of the scrum and running and ultimately being knocked down. Here he completely gave up which was around turn 11 and all that was left was for me to run in a second and make some fouls.


I was a bit surprised to see the OCC has no code of conduct disallowing a time wasting concede, as while I feel his pain and probably would not have reported him I do kind of agree that people should either finish the game of concede proper. I guess online leagues have a different procedure with disconnects but you could still just quit the match. Anyway whats done is done.