The event

This weekend sees the first tournament of the year. Its being run by Andrew Nicholson aka Nicho down at Fistful of Dice in Portsmouth. It will also be the first event running N3. In keeping with my renewed relaxed attitude to gaming this event will not be ITS. That is mainly because the season hasn’t started yet but mums the word. Either way I’m looking forward to it as a day of gaming is a great way to really get stuck into the new edition.

List building

I had decided to only use N3 profiles so in the beginning was quite limited on what I could take. I could make a list I liked at 200 with YJ so went with Nomads. I was hoping I might actually get to play the list before the event for a change and after trialling the first one decided it was lacking long range fire power so made a tweak. The thing was I made the list with tournament tables in mind so only brought one long range weapon, which would have been fine but we play on tables that are less dense. I wont got into table theory here but suffice to say I believe it makes a huge impact on the game and if I arrived and the tables were not the tournament norm then I would be screwed. My options were greatly expanded with the release of all the profiles so I immediately set about making more tweaks. Nothing major to the first list but then I had an opportunity to trial the second list and decide to keep it as is. Then I realised Sectorals were an option now and wrote a JSA list (or two) that I might take. But then maybe sense will prevail as I have actually managed to play both lists, all be it only once each, so maybe I should stick to them. But Sectorals at 200 I really like. What a dilemma. I guess I’ve still got a few days to decide.


As I said earlier I’m trying to get back to just enjoying the gaming without too much pressure. With that in mind and the new edition main effort here is just to get some major game time in, enjoy the day and get familiar with N3. Of course if I can do well then that will be a nice bonus!