The Event

This weekend sees my first X-Wing event in a while and my first Store Championship. FFG run a pyramid system for their competitive gaming where winning lower tiers gives you a bye in the next tier. I think the organised play of this kind contributes a lot to the reason why X-Wing is such a huge success. Of course being a great game helps too!

The Squad

I’ve had very little flight time with X-Wing with a 3 round evening at my local club being pretty much it for months. I’m hoping it will take of a bit and the opportunity for games improves. As such I’ve not really fine tuned my squad as opposed to picked an idea out of a hat. I wanted to use Rebels as I’d used Imperials quite a bit so something new appealed. Here is what I came up with.

Kanye Wes Cracks It

100 points


Keyan Farlander [Opportunist] (33)

Wes Janson [R2-D2] (33)

Airen Cracken [Predator] (22)

Bandit Squadron Pilot (12)

It’s got a Wes/ Keyan combo who do what they do. I wanted two more ships and I think the double Zs is the best I could come up with. Predator on Cracken should make his two red somewhat reliable and coupled with his action economy could make him a target to take heat of the other two.

I think the squad itself isn’t bad but I have no experience of the meta so no idea how it will fair. From what I hear it’s Decimators and Dash but I wont danger the top tables at all.


With so little flight time I can’t really expect much. I did get to three tournaments last year and was pleased with my results, which included a third at a small event and 9th at a large one. But DS is known for its top quality tournament players so I fear for my chances. I believe the format is 6 rounds and then a cut to top 8 so I’d be happy with a 2-4 record quite frankly, if I can scrape evens then great. Either way looking forward to some flight time.

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