So the dust has settled on my first store championship. It was a good day of a long one. I have heard X-Wing tourneys like to got on a while, which is fine but it does puzzle me a touch why they don’t start earlier. Either way I enjoyed it and although it was tough I did not have a bad game all day. By that I sure don’t mean my games were plain sailing, but more on that later. I picked up the art card for the day which is a nice touch and was great to get to play a lot of X-Wing.


As usual I made some last minute changes to the squad. I only got a few games in beforehand as X-Wing is still growing in my area but in those games I certainly felt that the synergistic nature of multiple high PS Rebel pilots isn’t really as good as it looks on paper. To which end I went with this;

100 points


Keyan Farlander [Opportunist] (33)

Wes Janson [Veteran Instincts] (30)

Biggs Darklighter (25)

Bandit Squadron Pilot (12)

I switched out Cracken for Biggs as I found that Keyan had such a huge target he went down too early leaving a big dent in the damage output. I also nearly swapped Wes for Wedge as his shooting was usually enough to remove the tokens naturally and Wedge would do that better and have more damage output. The reason I kept him is Decimators would not roll defence dice to expend the focus so Wes could remove it.

Honestly I don’t really like this squad as it is far to easy to remove a element of it at which point it just can’t put out enough red dice. I think next time I would run Keyan with PTL, 2 Bs and 2 Zs, but I have found a double YT squad I like that isn’t a straight cookie cutter squad so I’m torn again as to what to use.


Game 1 Imperials – Rexler + Howl mini swarm (Ryan Davies) 31 – 100
G 1
This game my opening moves went awry on my turn in, a sure sign I don’t play enough, but I managed to regain some alignment before shots were fired. This game Biggs went down turn 1 at range 3 with not all ships firing at him. Not much more I could do there. The rest was inevitable as he clearly knew what he was doing.

Game 2 Imperials – Chiraneau + Krassis (Andrew Elliot) 54-100
Game 5
This game fared better managing to put down the Decimator but I split Wes to try and give multiple targets and I should have turned him tight early but I didn’t and it was too late to stop him facing both enemy ships alone. At this point it was 54-55 but I was too weakened to take down the Spray, although I made a good go of it at first.

Game 3 Imperials – Whisper + Howl mini swarm (Rob Nix) 100 – 0
Game 3
Used Biggs well dipping in and out of range while I picked off the TIEs. I managed to get behind the swawrm nicely after the first round of combat and Wes nailed the Phantom while it was decloaked.

Game 4 Imperials – Whisper + mini swarm (Tom Mortlock) 12 – 70
game 4
Tried the same plan, although this time I questioned whether it would be better trying to kill the Phantom first. Ultimately it was the wrong decision and it went wrong, not being helped by dice as I managedto kill only one TIE.

Game 5 Imperials – Double Spray. (Gavin. Sorry I didn’t note your surname) 0-100
actual 6
This game started out well with some neat flying from my end and a mistake from his, although the mistake was early so not too damaging. What was damaging was I had brain fade and either didn’t ask or didn’t remember the sprays had prox mines so flew right at them trying to concentrate on one. With that once the cross over hit I was heavily damaged and out of position.

Game 6 Rebels – 2 named Es + 2Proto As (Paul Walter) 100 – 25
G 6
This was my first Rebel opponent of the day and one of the guys from 1066. At this point we both set up to joust. More from fatigue than plan really but when I looked at it I thought I should come off better. Which I did, taking down one each at a time while only losing Biggs.


It was a hard day but I think that was a lot to do with the fact I didn’t really like the squad even though I like it on paper. It was good to get games in but a long day when I wasn’t happy plying the squad. As I said at the beginning I’ve got another version I’d use in future as I like Keyan but this build suffers. A lot of the people I spoke to on the day felt the same in regards to Rebel synergy builds being problematic as it’s easy to break the synergy. Having said that I did achieve my goal of at least a 2-4 record so not a total loss. The question now is what to do next as I have a couple more events lined up. Do I try that alternate squad or something new?