Another Store Champs done and an AAR that’s further along the line than the Briefing! This was a smaller event and another good day, even if it did get off to a rocky start. As I mentioned in the Briefing it’s been rather hectic for me and come Sunday I was in two minds whether to go at all, but as I had put my name down and would have been a last minute pull out I decided to make the trip. Their website gave a start time of 11am and it was a rush to make that but on my arrival I saw the event was well under way. Apparently an email had gone out giving a start time of 10 which I hadn’t picked up due to being too busy. They were good enough to let me play and even waived the ticket price due to the website mistake (which I spent in store anyway) and so I stayed to play the remaining 3 games.


I took the squad mentioned in the Briefing but upon reflection I may find a way to squeeze in both APL and Dash on the 2400.


Game 1 Admin loss due to late arrival.

Game 2 Fat Han and Biggs (Tom) 100-0
Warez G1
This guys was a new player I think as he mentioned this was a squad put together by his friend. Great guy and the pair of us got off to fantastic starts with roid hits meaning the first couple of combats phases were muted. He put his rookie out by himself who went down first then sent Han the wrong way which meant I could focus down Biggs quickly to leave both YTs to chase down Han.

Game 3 Fat Han and As (Jesper Hills) 20-100
Warez G2
This game did not go so well as Jesper performed some quality flying to both get into the 2400 range 1 with the As and out of range with his Han and engine upgrade. This meant I did not manage to get as many shots at Han with the HLC as I’d like. I managed to take down one of the As and lost the 2400 and then a mistake near the end of time meant my Han went down as well. I would have won the game but without that mistake I reckon I could have held him to a modified win.

Game 4 Echo Deci combo (Biggles) 100-56
Warez G3
I forgot to get this guys real name but I recognised him as another DSite. Again I made a mistake by being indecisive at the start and the Rebel Captive made Han too stressed as I stupidly K’d him to correct my bad deployment. But the YTs did what they do and made a mess of the Decimator which had it’s last HP taken by a roid hit. This was my mistake as I normally like to take out the Phantom first in this combo but got engaged by the Decimator against my 2400 early game. Han got taken down first with no actions to evade and that left he Phantom and 2400 who whittled Echo down to 1 HP for another roid to finish her off.


Another good day for what is my second system wining 2 out 3 games I got to play in, so who knows what would have happened if I played all 4. I certainly wouldn’t have expected to make the cut but I did have my eye in a dice bag. I definitely like this double YT set up and the 2400 is my star player. I do have another store Champs lined up but with little game time to run squads I’m not sure if I should try and change it by dropping Han for something. At the end of the day another great time with X-Wing.