The Event

The second Infinity tournament I have run and the first with the Totally Crit branding went ahead the other weekend. I was hoping it would be one of the first in ITS 2015 as it was at the end of Feb but unfortunately the packet had not arrived, so that meant I had to sort out some prize support!
I had pretty uch everything organised beforehand other than waiting to see if the ITS packet showed up but the week or so running up to the event was taken up with a house move so got a bit nerve racking as I tried to sort out the remaining bits to be ready for the event. We had 20 spaces available with 19 booked and I was hoping it was going to be another good day as the last one seemed to go well.

The day
It started unevenly as there were some late arrivals and no shows, which meant I had to make the difficult decision on what to do as there was an odd number for the first game. I decided I would play as I did not want people travelling to miss a third of the game time. This proved to be more of a headache than I anticipated as Infinity really is not a game you can play with only half concentration. We had another late arrival mid way through the first game and they were happy to play the remaining rounds which suited me as I could concentrate on making sure the day ran smoothly.
I think the day went well as again people seemed to enjoy themselves. I hope this means we will be a step closer to selling out the next event which is already in the pipeline. I’m stepping back from the next one so I am able to play in it, which gives me mixed feelings to be honest. As much as I am a gamer at heart it really is nice to be an integral part of the Infinity community and this will probably end up being another thing that others surpass me in. Which I guess is no bad thing.


Another day that I enjoyed even if I didn’t get to play, well not play much anyway. As always anyone reading this who went is welcome to give me feedback which I will look at for next time. Oh yes, there will be a next time. But for this one it was good seeing people enjoying themselves and being able to make it happen.