The Event
Another Store Championship with FFGs Organised play. This time at Gamerz Nexus. I’m not familiar with the venue at all but I have a feeling it’s not going to be a huge event, but who knows. X-Wing events tend to fill up fast so the last few I ordered tickets as soon as I knew I had free time. I think in future I will wait for event details first because this is now the second event that is scheduled for a, quite frankly ridiculous, start time. X-Wing seems to like weird start times but I cannot fathom why you would want to start an event a 1700 on a Sunday. Either way I quite looking forward to a few more games of X-Wing.

Squad Building

I’ve only had a couple of games since the last event so as usual not much flight time. I have decided to change up the squad though as although the Fat Han is a powerful ship and I really like the Falcon form the films I just don’t like flying it. Conversely the 2400 I really enjoyed at the last event and feel he was the star of the two. To which end I’m keeping the Fringer build and changing up the rest.

100 points


Bandit Squadron Pilot (12)

Blue Squadron Pilot (22) x 2

Wild Space Fringer (44)
YT-2400 Freighter (30), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Dash Rendar (2), Outrider (5)

This is what I’m going to run. All PS 2 so going to suffer a bit there but that does enable me some flexibility when flying as I can decide which ship moves first. I hope a durable squad with the Bs and Fringer to take the PS beating and then deal out some damage. The three other ships should either be able to block or attack anything that tries to get into range 1 of the Fringer. The practice games I did get went quite well but as usual things could be very different at a tourney.

Main Effort

I think as usual main effort has to be a neutral or positive record which I think I had a shot at last time if it were not for the admin issues. I am enjoying the few games I get right now as I’ve found something I like to work with with Rebels. Still not fully sold on the squad but I like it enough to have fun with it, which really is the true main effort, have fun on the day.