The last in a small run of store champs for me and this time a trip north of the river. I did not know anything about the venue in question but had a feeling it was going to be a small indie store and I was pretty much bang on. Some of the tables were in their own rooms in what looked to be an adjoined community learning centre. I nice bunch who seemed to have little experience in running X-Wing events but that didn’t detract from the fun of the day. It was a late start time of 1700 which I wasn’t too enamoured with having cancelled another event with a similar start time. When I arrived I saw a familiar bunch of faces which is always nice, not sure any of them felt the same though!


I took the squad mentioned in the Briefing post. Here it is again.

100 points


Bandit Squadron Pilot (12)

Blue Squadron Pilot (22) x 2

Wild Space Fringer (44)
YT-2400 Freighter (30), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Dash Rendar (2), Outrider (5)

I did have another printed out dropping the Bandit to put Adv Sensors on the B’s but I wasn’t happy with the way the rest of the points were spent and I enjoyed flying the squad in the practice games I had.


Game 1 Rebel Swarm (Tom) 50-100
game 1
My first time flying against a Rebel Swarm and a swarm at all for a while. He set pretty central while I set up with the small ships on one side and the 2400 on the other facing each other so. We came at each other with the small ships facing 6 Zs and the 2400 cutting in front of the other two. It was a pretty good start killing a Z a turn in the first two but after the initial exchange I must have been pretty predictable as I could not focus all my ships at one target and a few turns later ended up the wrong end of a conga line. The 2400 sustained a couple of blinded pilots at which point it was a case of his Zs mopping up.

Game 2 Luke/B/2 Ion Ys (Jim) 100-34
game 2
Young kid and a new player who set up spread out with his PS 2 ships first so I set up heavy on one side and he put Luke down to joust. This was probably a mistake as I focused him down first losing the Bandit before it even fired. After that our Bs traded blows killing one each. A couple of times I reminded him to take actions and even about the Ion turrets when he was out of arc. It was pretty brutal though with the tanky ships and I had no shields left but as he spread the fire around while I concentrated the ships started to drop.

Game 3 Dash and Corran (Dan) 100-22
game 3
Again I set up opposite sides to see where he went and then pull my ships together to concentrate fire. I went for Dash first figuring he was the most points and more dangerous with the Mangler and the HLC really put the hurt out as he went down much faster than I anticipated. After which he few Corran quite skill fully to keep in range one of the 2400 even though I was barrel rolling myself in an effort to prevent that. But eventually I got the other ship back around to cut him off and finished the job, but it was much harder than I thought with R2 and 3 green dice.

Game 4 Interceptors and Fel (Pete) 32-100
game 4
This started out much better than I thought it would taking down an Interceptor and an Academy early and then one round of his combat inflicting little to no damage. He was clearly a skill full pilot, which I knew having seen him at other events, as he expertly blocked repeatedly. I still felt I had the upper hand even though Fel was keeping out of harms way as in the beginning he was not getting shots either. It all went wrong though as a poor decision meant I flew the 2400 off the board by a fraction. This basically changed the whole game as it was undamaged and I think it was fair to say I looked like winning up until that point. But thems the breaks.


I finished 7th out of 15 and got my 2-2 record (and the dice bag) so achieved my objectives and al my games were good despite the bad decision in the last one. I think that is possibly the first time I have flown off the board though, certainly at an event anyway. But I enjoyed flying the squad and I think my flying has come up a notch as is evident by the very near positive record. Hopefully that will come next season which will be good enough for me with my second system. But honestly as much of a bummer it was to fluff the last game I was actually glad of it on the way home as it was a late enough finish anyway, especially for a Sunday. I definitely think I will confirm details before signing up to events in future. All in all though another good day out with X-Wing.